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Pat has been painting for his entire life. After meeting his wife Alexis, he was encouraged to pursue art as a career. Together, they developed Pat’s skills in silhouette painting and created the art you see today. Pat enjoys painting with vivid, bright colors, and with clean lines. He feels the modern silhouettes allow the viewer to reflect upon their own experiences to fulfill the image that has been painted. By allowing the imagination to explore the painting, each viewer sees their own story within each art piece.

Pat and Alexis travel the eastern United States selling Pat’s art at weekend art shows. You may find them anywhere from Connecticut to Florida. The Mid-Atlantic is where Pat and Alexis call home, and the schedule of shows reflect this; Many of the shows are within the Virginia and Carolina region.

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  • Love the new website guys! Congrats and good luck. Thank you again for all of your help and support. Best Wishes :)

    Sergio on

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