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Last year I heard about a new art medium, Alcohol Inks.  This new (to me) type of paint intrigued me due to the vibrant colors, ease of application, and the weight of the paper that this medium requires.  I had seen another artist's work at an art show that I thought was vibrant watercolor.  When I spoke to the artist, she told me it was alcohol inks.  I immediately began my research.  

Through my early research, I found that alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly-pigmented, and fast drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces.   By mixing inks and colors, you can create a vast array of gradients and blends that really pop off the page.  I even found that you can use metallic alcohol inks to add a gold or silver finish to the page. 

You can see the metallic I chose to add to this "Off to Oz" Original: 

The application process of alcohol inks is very different from the watercolor paint that I am used to working with.  I can use a felt applicator to apply directly to glossy paper.  I can also apply directly to my glass desk, in a droplet fashion; I then can flip my paper upside down on the drops of alcohol inks to give a vibrant splatter. 

I used the felt applicator on "Can't Wait" and I used the droplet application on "Cosmonaut". Can you see the difference? 


I really have enjoyed getting to create art with this new painting technique.  The inks feed my love for colorful art. 



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