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Art is inspired by many different experiences.  Sometimes it's the movies we watch, the nature around us, or our own life experiences.   My father was in the navy and we lived on the coast. This has inspired many of my art works to be beach and nautical themed. Particular pieces that my father inspired are Underwater Adventure, Seahorse, and Anchor & Rope. 

Underwater Adventure:


My father was a diver in the US navy.  He was taught to dive using a diving bell similar to the one in my painting.  When I was a boy, my father would tell me stories of learning to use the diving bell and the aqualung.  The Navy went from using the diving bell to the aqualung, and Jacques Cousteau was my father's instructor in this new equipment. 


Most modern images of an old sailor include tattoos all over their body.  My father only had one tattoo.  While on deployment, his ship ported in Hong Kong.  My father and fellow shipmates all decided to get tattoos.  This was not common in the 1950's.  Together, they decided to get a seahorse tattoo.  Any time I see a nautical tattoo, I am reminded of my father.

Anchor & Rope:

My father retired from the Navy at the rank of Chief.  The Anchor & Rope is symbolic of that rank and his time serving his country.  He served in the Korea Conflict and the Vietnam War.  

Because of his time in the Navy, I grew up loving the ocean and coastal life. 

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