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I love going to shows and meeting so many artists. I have three artists that I love and wanted to share with you.  


Determined to be a crusader for color, Sherry Smith, aka Shoopy, took paint brushes in hand and began imposing her vivid palette on the world - one brush stroke at a time. From her studio in St. Petersburg, FL, Artoons by Full Circle produces more than 175
artisan designed products that evoke smiles and chuckles from amused customers across the country.

I love her artwork because it makes me smile. She has a great taste for color, and knows how to have fun with her artwork. 


On his etsy page, he says "My art is inspired by nature and is created using coffee and watercolor. I hand stain the original pieces with coffee to create a unique background. I'm an artist and a trail runner from Pennsylvania. I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. I started working with coffee in 2010 and I have now created my own style and technique using coffee and watercolor. Most of my inspiration comes from nature."

I love his artwork because it reminds me of nature and the outdoors.  As an avid trail runner, he spends a lot of time with nature, and uses that as inspiration for many of his art pieces. 

Blue Barn Studios:

Caron makes wheel thrown, hand built & hand carved fully functional stoneware pottery. She hand carves each piece before glazing them with her own custom-mixed glazes.  She learned pottery from her mother, who was a well-known potter in the Charlotte, NC area.  She uses speckled clay and a clean-looking clay to create different colors underneath her carved trees, cats, sea turtles, and barns. 

I love her pottery because it is so unique.  We attend many shows, and I rarely see carved pottery.  The care and love she puts into each piece is shown through the delicate carving of each clay creation.

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