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We met Yensid at Denver Comic Con 2019. We followed his Jasmine costume build leading up to Denver Comic Con, and loved meeting him at the show. 

What is your name? Do you have a cosplay handle/name you use? 

My name is: Julio M. 

Cosplay handle I go by is: yensidcosplays

How can people find you? (facebook, Instagram, website)

My social media links and handles are as follows:

Instagram: @yensidcosplays


How long have you been cosplaying?

I have now been cosplaying for 6 years.

Why do you cosplay?

I cosplay for a number of reasons.  It allows me to express my creativity via cosplays and the making of the cosplays.  I have learned so many aspects of materials such as utilizing craft foam and worbla to create crowns, armor pieces and other elements of cosplays that you wouldn't think you could use something like foam to create.  I have also learned to sew by cosplaying, most of my cosplays I create from scratch from pieces of fabric from the fabric stores to full on outfits for my cosplays.

What was your first cosplay

My first cosplay ever was a gender bent Elsa from Frozen, and the start of my avid cosplaying.

What has been your favorite cosplay project?

I would definitely have to say my favorite cosplay thus far is Mrs. Doubtfire.  This cosplay has allowed my comedic side to come out, and the fact that so many people recognize the cosplay and are thrilled that I brought this character to life has given me a lot of joy knowing that I can make people laugh with simply throwing on a wig and some makeup and a little granny outfit.

What was your first convention you cosplayed at?

First convention I cosplayed at was Denver Comic Con in 2014.

What does cosplay mean to you?

Cosplay means to me the freedom to be whatever character you want to be.  It means that you can utilize your creativity and make something fun, scary, exciting or awesome.  It allows people to break out of their shells as I am mostly shy in real life, but when I put on a cosplay I become the character and just let loose.


What advice would you have to a new cosplayer, or someone who wants to get into the hobby?

My biggest piece of advice would be cosplay whoever and whatever you like.  Cosplay to have fun, and don't let any of the negativity affect you, it's just noise.

What character is your dream cosplay?

Normally I genderbend most of the characters I cosplay, but I would definitely go the full on route to be able to cosplay Charlotte (Lottie) from Princess & the Frog.  I've given a lot of thought on a gender bend version of this character and I just don't think it'd be as effective as a full on version of Charlotte.  Also because she is such a large personality I would love to embody her in a cosplay.


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