Craziness of this time of year!

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Hey y'all!  

It's been such a crazy time of year for us.  If you have ever worked retail, you know part of the crazy is dealing with the influx of orders, and making customers happy.  We love to do that, so that's the easy part. But there are negatives and positives to this time of year. 

The craziest part of the year is dealing with so many shows, back to back.  For example, tonight we are driving down to Greensboro for the Craftsmen Classic show.  It's about a 4 hour drive from home.  We get about 3 hours away, and realize we forgot a whole mess of inventory! We need this inventory to sell at the show this weekend; It's our most popular prints.  It's time for us to figure out what to do.  

We know we have to set up the show on Thursday (tomorrow!), but we also need this inventory.  We decide that Pat has to drop me off at the hotel and drive back to Virginia.  He is spending the night there and will drive back to Greensboro again tomorrow.  I have to set up the show all by myself.  This craziness is just one example of how we are frazzled to the max this time of year.  

Now that my rant is done, I can share with you a positive about this time of year. Pat recently met a fellow crafter at a show in Charleston, SC.  This crafter, Dan, lives near Greensboro.  He heard we were going to be down that way for Thanksgiving and has graciously invited us over.  It is so nice to meet and have good friendships develop from this crazy show life! We appreciate all of our friends we've met at shows. 

How are you spending your Thanksgiving? 


---Alexis <3

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  • LOL. This story is so funny because stuff like what you described used to happen all the time with Pat. I got such a giggle for the day. Deja vu?

    MJkenrick on

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