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I thought it might be fun to highlight a customer of ours.  Meagan has been a long-time supporter.  In fact, she was our very first customer.  A best friend of Alexis', Meagan inspires many pieces by her love of all things cute, mermaid, and animals. We chose to interview her for the blog. Check out her answer! 

Why do you like our art?

I love your art for many reasons, one because you make it:). two because you cater to everyone, from the princess and hero lovers all the way to the dinosaurs freaks like my self and every one in between. There is something for everyone. the third reason i love your art is because its so bright and colorful, yet it is simple. the white background on everything makes the colors pop so much more than a colored one would.

What draws you to our art? 

I am drawn to your art work because of the colors and the options you have. i am a huge coffee lover and i love all the options to have all my favorite things on a mug. sitting on my couch sitting my coffee from a mug made by one of my best friends is such a good feeling. i love supporting you and knowing its for a good cause. the fact that you do custom work is a bonus. 

What is your favorite piece you own? 

i would have to say my favorite piece that i have is my Harry potter Coffee mug. the colors are just beautiful. and i am always up to no good 

What are piece do you want to own next?

There are so many things that i would love to have, from the T-Rex Skeleton to marine life selection. once i have my own place you know i will be stocking up. 


Thanks Meagan for the insight.  If you want to be a featured customer, email us and let us know. 

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