The Neptune Festival

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It's officially fall!  The weather is starting to cool down, the leaves will be changing colors, and fall festivals are gearing up. There are so many shows to do, and so little time.  Please keep up-to-date on our scheduling via the sidebar schedule on our website. One show I am particularly excited about is The Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Hundreds of thousands of people celebrate the beach life each year at Neptune Festival Boardwalk Weekend! Daily concerts at 3 festival stages feature local, regional, and national acts. Over 250 artists will set up shop on the boardwalk, along with tasty food options! From crab cakes to Italian ice, stained glass to pottery, there is sure to be something to delight young and old festival goers alike! This is the weekend that the locals "take back the beach" from the tourists and it is a great time.

The Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach is such a fun show for me.  It is a local show, so I see many of our repeat customers.  I get to hear about how their last purchase went, and if they gave it as a gift.  Also at this show is something that we never see at any other show we do: Sand Sculptures. Artists from around the country come and compete by building sculptures made of sand!  It's a one-of-a-kind experience.  

Come and visit us September 29, September 30, and October 1 at the Neptune Festival. 


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