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Gallery walls are the most recommended home decor trend these days.  Having a gallery wall allow you to display many more pieces of your favorite artwork and mix different design elements to create a space that is truly representative of you and your family.  Below are some ideas for gallery walls that I've thrown together.  

Hang unusual pieces, like the keys in the above wall, to create visual depth in your wall.  You can also hang a clock-- or maybe even try multiple clocks in one galler wall!

Use color in your gallery wall to pull in design elements from your room.  This gallery wall has hints of yellow throughout that play off of the yellow accent pillow.  The bright colors of the artwork in this gallery wall compliment the slate gray-blue paint color.

Mix different kinds of frames to build an eclectic wall.  Use different mediums of art (watercolor, photography, pen & ink) to build textures within your gallery wall. To build even more textures within your gallery wall, use different types of framing techniques.  This wall has mounted (far left), framed with glass, framed without glass, and free hung canvas to create textures with framing. 

Add family photos fora personal touch. Use different materials, like mirrors or wooden wall decor, to add visual interest within your wall. 

Apply marquee letters to your wall to add family initials.  You can hang your children's artwork up with other fun and colorful pieces to create a bright and vibrant feel to any space. This wall has visual interest by combining many of the above wall hangings. 

Do you have a gallery wall? Comment below to share your gallery wall!

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