Mistakes and Lessons

Posted by Pat Kenrick on

Art school can teach you many things.  The most important lesson I learned is about mistakes.  Art school taught me to be open to the idea of making mistakes.  Do not be afraid of making mistakes.  A mistake can turn out beautiful, if you let it. I throw away more sheets of paper than I use for final artworks.  

During the artistic process, I can completely ruin an artwork.  That is completely fine.  Mistakes are going to happen.  If you are too afraid of mistakes, you limit your creativity. Because if a new technique you try doesn't work, it just means you need to keep trying new ways until the technique does work.  

Don't be afraid to try new mediums of art.  I recently tried alcohol inks, and discovered I love them.  I have also tried oil paints in the past, and have discovered that I am not a huge fan of painting with oils. I've also painted acrylic on wood and board. I've tried sculpting and pottery. Keep failing until you find the medium that speaks to you. 

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