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Besides art, music is a great love in my life.  I love to put on some music and just get into the zone while creating art.  No matter if it is brainstorming, sketching, painting, or splattering, music helps me focus on being in the right "head-space" to create.  Two bands that have always helped inspire my artwork are The Beatles and The Grateful Dead. 

The Beatles:

The first time I heard The Beatles was February 9, 1964.  The Beatles debuted on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Beatlemania had arrived, and I was a fully helpless participant.  Ever since 1964, I have enjoyed the music and the life of The Beatles.  

The Grateful Dead:

The Grateful Dead are a band unlike any other.  No song is ever played the same as the previous version.  Live shows are always different and unexpected.  I can listen to The Grateful Dead for hours and hours and never tire of the music. 

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