My Favorite Artwork from 2017

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Pat loves to create his art. In 2017 Pat created many new art pieces. Below are 4 of his favorites from this past year and why Pat loves each artwork. 


I was inspired to create Moana after watching the movie.  She is strong and empowered by her love of family.  I loved creating this three-color piece.  Adding her very important necklace was fun because of the detailed cut-out work along the chain. 

Hogwarts Castle

When I first decided to create Hogwarts, I wanted to capture the magical feel of the school.  I laid down the black, fading into purple, fading into pink and red; after I saw the gradient of color, I knew this was going to be a very cool piece.  This artwork took me months to create; it took two months just to cut out! I was inspired by Alexis' love for everything Harry Potter. 


Lady Liberty

Peter Max has created a lot of artworks featuring The Statue of Liberty. His many works with this subject inspired me to create my own Lady Liberty.  I love the way her robes drape across her with negative space cut-outs. Her red flame glows so bright against the white paper.  


Siren's Song

This was not my first mermaid, nor will it be my last. I have a fascination with mermaids, from the old sailor's tales of the Siren, to the newer, friendlier mermaid.  I pulled this mermaid from a sketch I created years ago. The flow of her hair and tail mimic a movement that is hard to get on a two dimensional artwork. The splatters landed perfectly.  

What has been your favorite new piece this year? 

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