On Trend: Elephants & Unicorns

Posted by Pat Kenrick on

Two of the hottest trends in home decor and fashion are elephants and unicorns; Both animals are majestic in their own right.  One is a smart, compassionate animal. The other lives in our fantasies and reminds us of the whimsy of childhood stories. Here are so top products that feature these trends. 


Baby Elephants Print by Pat Kenrick

Lace Elephant Print by Pat Kenrick

Blue Elphant Watercolor Print

Elephant Silhouette Print by ArtworkOnTheRun

Blue Elephant Watercolor Print by ArtworkOnTheRun


The Legend by Pat Kenrick

"Dainty Unicorn" Earrings by FemmeDeBloom

"Rainbow Unicorn" Brooch Pin by FemmeDeBloom

Both of these trends are super cute and can really add some fun to your decor and wardrobe. Which trend do you love?  What trend would you like to see highlighted on our blog?


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