We're Back! And What have we been up to?

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Amourable Art had a tough 2020 and first-half 2021, as I am sure you all understand and empathize with.  March 2020 shut down our in-person comic cons for over 15 months. Here’s what we’ve been up to since.

When we started getting show cancellations, our online customers really stepped up. (Thanks to you, if you are one of those who were able to support us during that time).  In April 2020, Alexis started sewing facemasks and sewed 3500 masks! Those mask sales helped Pat keep his mind in the studio so he could make his art.

Starting in mid-June 2020, Virginia (our home state) allowed outdoor farmer’s markets and small events.  We used this time to connect even more with our local community. Farmer’s markets, small street fairs, and anywhere that would let us set up a tent and sell our geeky goodies, we were there.

In November 2020, we also introduced a new product to our website; Ornaments! These ornaments were very successful (thanks again!!!) so we plan to keep them on the website, and launching new ornaments during the holiday season, and maybe even during a Christmas in July sale (hint hint). 

We paused our outdoor events after mid-December, when the weather started getting too cold to set up outdoors. This gave Pat another 4 months in the studio to focus on making new art for 2021. Some of the new art has already been released, and other art is yet to come.  Keep up with all the latest art by checking out our “new products” / “new releases” section of the website.

So that brings us to present day. We are attending outdoor art festivals. We had our first 2021 Convention in April at Huntsville, AL and our second event is Fayetteville Comic Con June 19-20, 2021.  In mid-July, our schedule gets crazy busy! We have something like 20 events in 6 months, so we will be on the road and enjoying seeing all of you. Check out the “Convention Schedule” tab on our website to see our full schedule!  Our whole team is fully vaccinated, and will be following all mask requirements from the CDC, local governments, and convention centers. We are happy to be back and want to stay back at conventions, so we are happy and willing to follow any and all safety measures put in place.

What convention will we see you at? If you aren’t comfortable attending in person yet, that’s okay too! Follow along with us on social media and our online store is always open.

Hope you all are safe, getting back to normal, and staying geeky, as always.

All our love and thanks,
Kim, Pat, and Alexis

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