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About us

Pat has been painting for his entire life. After meeting his wife Alexis, he was encouraged to pursue art as a career. Together, they developed Pat’s skills in silhouette painting and created the art you see today. Pat enjoys painting with vivid, bright colors, and with clean lines. He feels the modern silhouettes allow the viewer to reflect upon their own experiences to fulfill the image that has been painted. By allowing the imagination to explore the painting, each viewer sees their own story within each art piece. Kim is Alexis's mother who is a full time employee that makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Follow us on Patreon to join us on the adventure of traveling the country, making new art, and devoting our lives to our fandoms. 

Pat, Alexis, and Kim travel the United States selling Pat’s art at weekend art shows. You may find them anywhere from New England to Florida to Oregon, and many states in between. Pat and Alexis live in Newport News, Virginia. 

To learn more about how Pat creates his art, please view this page here.

Note: Alexis is technically savvy, and is responsible for writing the blog posts and text on this website.  Alexis will often write "our" or "us". To be clear, Pat Kenrick is the artist of the artwork you see on this website and at conventions. 

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