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The Process

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

At least a dozen times at each show Pat is asked how he creates the artwork you see. He's decided to write the entire process down.

The art is created by a watercolor and alcohol-ink, cut-and-paste technique developed by Pat himself. He starts with a blank page of watercolor paper, which he then paints the entire page with a variety of colors.

On top of the paint, Pat sketches his design in pencil. He then cuts out the design with a sharp tool known as an X-Acto knife. This creates a paper cutout.

This paper cut out is then pasted down on a clean sheet of watercolor paper. After the cut out is pasted down, Pat splatters the page with paint to compliment the artwork. At this point, the artwork is finished. Pat takes his artwork to his professional printer, who then scans the artwork and reproduces the print that you see for sale.

This piece is called "Cosmonaut".

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